Memorials and Headstones

We pride ourselves on the quality and standard of our memorials. All of our workmanship complies with the National Association of Memorial Masons Code of Practice. Materials are selected from all over the world and advice is readily given on the suitability of each material for every design.

A Memorial is a Lasting Symbol of Remembrance

A memorial is a lasting symbol of Remembrance, this website depicts some of the limitless designs, materials, and carving in groups that represent their intended use and site.

As the designs shown on our website are representative of popular ones, it is worth remembering that any designs can generally be produced in any material.

If you have seen a memorial that you like, and have a photograph or sketch of it, let us see it. We can work from that to produce something which is tailored to your taste.

We are also specialists in maintenance and renovation and have proven experience of restoring memorials back to their original condition.